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Making a Mint with The CUBE

Growing indoors can be challenging, but being a hobbyist gardener, a stay at home mom and a total “foodie,” one woman decided to grow and sell her own MicroGreens in Vail Colorado using a new technology called the GrowLife CUBE Indoor Gardening Kit. Little did she know that her kitchen based operation that takes up less than a 5 foot by 3 foot space would lead to producing $2000 a month selling directly to a select group of small restaurants in her local neighborhood. MicroGreens are in demand and restaurants are paying a premium to get them. GrowLife ECO hydroponic indoor gardening solutions are amazing and is their speciality. They were there to help.

“It’s incredible…within a few days there were sprouts and then every 10 days I had a crop to sell to restaurants for as much as $22/oz.” she said. GrowLife CUBE Indoor Gardening Kit is a turnkey solution which includes a grow tent, a grow light, a fan, starter plugs, a humidity dome and a support team of professionals that guide you through the process of growing indoors. “You can grow most anything with the GrowLife CUBE Indoor Gardening Kit!”

When you run the math, it’s amazing…your crop cost is approximately $40/month and the yield is about 100 oz of MicroGreens per month from just one GrowLife CUBE. You can sell your MicroGreens for as much as $2200 and make profit of over $2000 selling wholesale direct to restaurants. Imagine how much money you could make selling retail at a farmers market.

To get started it’s easy. You can order the GrowLife CUBE Indoor Gardening Kit on-line and the kit is delivered right to your doorstep. Set up is quick and painless. It took less than 30 min to put it together and the instructions were very helpful. I purchased seeds from an organic supplier on-line where they promise to have harvested clean organic seeds without genetic modification. I mist them daily and within a few weeks I had my first crop.

There’s so many different kinds of MicroGreens to grow and one of the most interesting things is that unlike sprouts you buy at the grocery store, you’re only harvesting the leaf and stem. They don’t run the risk of carrying harmful bacteria found in the root system.

“Some MicroGreens have a larger leaf structure than others. Micro kale or broccoli as example are a heavier MicroGreen and sell for far less than baby arugula or sorrel but restaurant owners want a mix to show off the different colors, flavors and textures,” said Schmitt. MicroGreens are healthy and they make a great garnish and they make an amazing salad too!

Every plant has different needs to grow healthfully. GrowLife ECO hydroponic indoor gardening solutions has everything you need to grow indoors and to do it well. If you ever see something going wrong with your plants, you can pick up the phone and call the team of experts at GrowLife and they’re help you get it right. They even offer a nutrient subscription to deliver the right nutrients to your doorstep at the right time during your growing cycle.

Indoor Garden Kit

GrowLife Cube gives you everything you need to garden indoors with an easy to assemble all in one Grow-It-Yourself package; you get the seeds and we provide all the equipment and supplies.






GrowLife ECO makes it simple to grow indoors with the help of a turnkey solution called The CUBE.  It’s everything you need to get started growing indoors.  We help you replicate all outdoor elements indoors.


Growing indoors requires recreating the natural impact of sunlight in a controlled indoor environment.  Grow Lights can be LED, HID or Florescent and the color you choose is important to help you grow your plants.  GrowLife ECO offers expert support to help you choose the right light for you.


Growing indoors requires a controlled environment. Small spaces are no problem with the help of Grow Tents. Choosing the right height, shape, ventilation opening and lighting structure is our expertise and we’re here to help you.


Organic matter can take on different odors during the growing cycles and it’s important to have the right solution to move the odors away from the indoor garden.  Matching the right ventilation with the grow tent or indoor room can be complicated and GrowLife ECO has the experience necessary to help you.


Every indoor gardener need the tools to manage the growth and harvest.  Selecting the right tool to meet your needs is our specialty and we have a wide selection of sheers, trowels, stakes and more.


The right nutrients provided at the right time will help you produce the best possible crop from your indoor garden. GrowLife ECO knows this is difficult and has created a Subscription Service to get them delivered at the right time for the crop you want to grow. Ask us how to grow the best indoors.  We’re here to help.