1.5 Pounder Cube

$999.99 $749.99


1.5 cubeGrowLife Cube gives you everything you need to garden indoors with an easy to assemble all in one GIY package;
you get the seeds and we provide all the equipment and supplies.

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Start-up equipment cost: $999.99 
Monthly supplies: $49.99 
Total annual cost: $1,549.88 
Monthly average: $129.16

Your sealed Cube tent with its tough exterior will control your climate and atmosphere as well as help remedy any odor issues you may encounter. Convenient, easy to assemble and comes in various sizes to fit anywhere from the smallest closet, to the largest basement!  The sun will shine with the power-efficient 315 watt adjustable indoor-agro lighting fixture. Specifically designed to help you maintain a low temperature without sacrificing any of the “grams per watt” you’ve grown to expect.  A good healthy organic grow medium is the main source for nutrient uptake. Medium not only supports your plants ability to grow, but will enhance the flavor of your favorite veggie. Whether you like Soil, Coco, Veganic or Hydro, we have a recipe for success!

Throughout the cultivation process through harvest time, as a subscriber, our customer service is available to provide advice, equipment and supplies as needed.
Trimming and curing properly can make or break the size of your yield.  We offer a full line of harvesting and curing supplies.


Tent enclosure 
36″ x 36″ x 83″
100% metal, interlocking, sturdy frame & connectors
12″ height extension kit
Infrared blocking roof insertion
View windows
Heavy duty flood protection pool
10″ double cinching, no leak ducting ports
360 degree “wrap around” access
Micro mesh pest control pre-filters

Ceramic metal halide (CMH)
120/208/240V multi-voltage lamp
Digital ballast with low frequency, square wave technology
Philips double-jacketed Mastercolor 315W T12 ceramic metal halide lamp
95% reflective European hammertone aluminum specular
90% PAR output at 8,000 hours and 20,000-hour average life

Potting Soil, 2 cubic ft
Mix with beneficial soil microbes and mycorrhizal fungi

Powder plant nutrient

Grow Pot & Tray
Square Black Pot
Active Aqua 5″ x 5″, 7″ Tall
Raised bottom, multi-drainage holes and slits for optimum aeration of roots
Active Aqua Flood Table, Black, 3′ x 3′